The DNA of BFL

In the global hydropower market, small hydro is emerging as the future. BFL is a world leader in the small hydro arena, having cultivated an extremely satisfied global customer base. We have accomplished this by adhering to a simple ideology: Relationship matters.



We say it, we mean it and we live it, in every aspect of our business: Relationship matters. BFL puts customers' needs before our own. Our customers are small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that require a true partner to guide them in a manner that is completely honest, transparent and in their best interest. BFL has built long-term relationships based on these values, focusing on trust and handshakes instead of contracts and complications.



We believe that the only way to provide the best solutions is to see things from our customers' perspective, to understand their issues and concerns. BFL's customers are not hydropower domain experts—we are. And we will do everything we can to address their issues and needs.


We believe in adapting and changing course when required, to meet our customers' needs. And, if necessary, we will even make less of a profit on a project in favor of building a stronger customer relationship


We believe in keeping everything as simple as possible, to streamline the way we work with our customers and each other. We do not rely on contracts to do our business, or allow politics to interfere with the way we work internally.


We believe in sharing with customers all information about every aspect of their project. All details related to the project's financial, environmental and governmental aspects, and its management, are freely shared with the customer. We keep no secrets.




Fouress Group Formation

  • Fouress received 2m dia valve from Bombay municipal corporation.
  • Manufactured and commissioned successfully with Valve technology from Boving UK.


BFL Formation

  • The success of valve collaboration has led to the formation of BFL with 38% stake from Boving & 62% From Fouress Group.
  • Primary customer base was State run utilities in India.


Kvaerner Acquired Boving & CO

  • Indian economy was liberalized. Customer changed from Utilities to IPP.
  • BFL built 3.2m dia Kaplan, 500m head Pelton & low head (1.8m) syphon machines.


GE Hydro Acquired Kvaerner Boving.

  • BFL Got additional access to Technologies of Boving, Kvaerner & GE Hydro.
  • The focus on short deliveries & revenue generation for the IPP’s catapulted BFL to a major market share player
  • Started with small order in Sri Lanka BFL developed footprints in Vietnam, Turkey.


BFL became 100% Fouress Group Owned Company

  • BFL settled amicably with GE Hydro & Became independent company and changed the name to B Fouress Limited.
  • Also acquired licenses to use the turbine technology.


Exploring Export Market

  • BFL established its first overseas marketing office in Vietnam to cater South East Asia Market.
  • BFL has commissioned 2 x 27MW Kaplan, 2 x 15MW Francis and 2 x 30MW Pelton Projects.

2011 - 2012

Global Presence

  • The office in Guatemala established to cater to South & Central American Market, Office in Istanbul to cater to Balkan, Central Asia and African Markets.

2012 - 2018


  • Bandwidth across technical and commercial departments increased by hiring professionals across globe.
  • 7 projects commissioned in Central & South America.
  • 19 projects in the Balkans and Central Asia region.
  • Access to $2billion project enquiry pipeline.
  • Regional sales head located in Lima, Peru.

Quality & Certification


BFL is accredited with ISO 9001 certification in 2001 & re certification done as per ISO 2001 – 2015, an assurance that our organization adheres to quality management standards to meet the needs of our customers and other stakeholders


BFL has received the CE certification for our products. The CE mark ensures that the product conforms to the essential requirements of the applicable European Community directives.

The Genesis

Sadanand Shetty

Forward-thinking from the very beginning


BFL is a part of the Fouress Group, founded in 1962 by Mr. Sadanand Shetty and Mrs. Soumyalata Shetty. From its humble beginnings as a small trading company and home business, BFL’s culture has been one of hard work, rock-solid ethics and a commitment to building enduring relationships.

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