BFL supports its customers in keeping their plants running for a maximum period of time. BFL thereby focuses on customer-oriented optimisation including new construction, repairs and the preservation of used plant elements as spare parts.

BFL specialists create concepts, focussing not only on the replacement of the entire plant but also on repairs and the optimisation of the existing plant. Hence, most often, we do not want to replace the entire turbine. BFL uses state of the art replacement runners and automation system, to upgrade the existing plant to the latest state of technology.


In order to refurbish the existing plant, BFL creates overall concepts to refurbish the machines with a cost-optimised and customer-oriented approach


BFL also undertakes refurbishments of Generators, Gear Boxes, Transformers, Control Panels, all Unit and Plant Auxiliaries (Mechanical and electrical).


BFL guarantees satisfactory performance of refurbished or upgraded turbines and associated equipment.


Why upgrade and rehabilitate


Life Extension

The life cycle of a hydro turbine typically lasts for 30-40 years, but industry experience has shown that with an appropriate upgrade and rehabilitation program, life of a turbine can be extended considerably.


Increased Energy

With suitable modifications/replacements the efficiency can be enhanced depending on the current condition of the operating hydro power stations and by taking advantage of the latest technology.


Elimination of Cavitation and any other unexpected deterioration

BFL has the necessary design and analysis tools to eliminate cavitation damage and any other unexpected wear and tear due to unforeseen site conditions.


Specific BFL Capabilities for Upgrade Solutions (Typical List)


  • Inlet Valves (Butterfly, Spherical), including hydraulic control and counter-weight closing, and hydraulic inter-locking.

  • Pressure Relief Valve for control of pressure rise.

  • Dual closing of guide vane servomotors, for control of speed rise and pressure rise.

  • Pelton Turbines – Spring closing of Deflectors.

  • Hydraulic control of Intake Gates.

  • Fast loading of Generating-sets, from ‘Spin-generation’ mode, if head race tunnel and/or penstock characteristics allow.

  • Total remote control of power plant, including start/stop, with power station locked.

  • Custom design of Power House auxiliary systems like Oil, Water, Lubrication, Jacking and fire fighting system

  • Custom design of regulating valves for guide vane and runner control, for high flow capacities, and controlled by standard Servo Valves.

  • Penstock Protection Valves – Improved hydraulic control for automatic closing due to over-velocity.

  • Oil Handling System – Oil transfer pumps, oil purifier, filters, pipework to all locations and service bay.

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