BFL works diligently to develop and execute a customised plan that covers all aspects of each outage, from pre-disassembly to commissioning, including site machining of embedded components while ensuring that critical alignments and tolerances are achieved.

The field machining equipment reduces project costs and outage times. BFL field service teams are fully trained to secure complete success for each project and does so in accordance with the most critical health, safety and environmental requirements in the hydroelectric industry. 


BFL Hydro’s Field Service Division has decades of experience working on all types of hydro equipment. This experience is backed by our team of engineers in our main manufacturing facility in Hoskote, Bengaluru, India.


The BFL hydro team is ready to support all customer needs through every phase of the project, from mobilization to commissioning. BFL can provide all kinds of services for mechanical and electrical equipment of hydro power plants of three variants like Francis, Kaplan and Pelton Turbines of both horizontal and vertical configurations to our supplied projects and as well to the non BFL supplied projects by meeting all international standards and project requirement in total.




Site services offered

but not limited to

  • Site surveys of existing plants

  • Complete disassembly and reassembly of hydro turbines, generators and ancillary equipment

  • In-place machining of all embedded components

  • Turning, milling, grinding on-site with portable precision machine tools

  • High Precision alignment of rotating components

  • Refurbishment or replacement of all types of Hydro Power Project Equipment

  • Total Turbine modifications or replacements including Cavitation repairs

  • Generator Repairs/ Modifications

  • Installation of pressure oil, hydraulic control and rated for high pressures

  • Installation of Lubricating oil and cooling systems

  • Replacement of Old Governors with state of art dedicated/PLC Based Governors and modern fluid power devices for hydraulic control including any sensors & instrumentation upgrade

  • Replacement of Analog Excitation panel with Digital AVR based panel

  • All Pre and Post Commissioning testing of Hydro Power Plant E & M Equipment

  • Introduction of Remote monitoring as required and any new statutory LDC communication

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