BFL - Success Stories - Latin America


Our 1st order from the region in 2010. 1 unit of 1.1MW Rio Quilio HEP successfully operating in Honduras. Gradually completed 9 projects in Guatemala, Honduras, Peru & Argentina.

Decade long commitment to the region, awareness in customer requirements, adaptation to innovation and flexibility during execution of projects, dependable after sales service, spares support and local team located in Latin America for quick response – All these have been our strength for success in the region.


Our footprint in the region of Latin America




CANJEL HEP – Honduras – 1 x 2.7 MW (Horizontal 2 Jet Pelton)





Cerro Vivo – Guatemala – 1 x 1.1 MW (Horizontal Francis)





PLANT PALLCA – Peru – 1 x 1.1 MW (Vertical 4 Jet Pelton)





Raaxha HEP – Guatemala – 2 x 2.55 MW (Vertical Full Kaplan)