Decades of expertise in meeting schedules and budgets

Effective project management is a strong core competency of BFL, and one of the secrets of our success.


Over the last three decades, BFL has built an enviable track record: We have designed manufactured and commissioned hydropower plants on every continent (except Antarctica). We are proud to count over 300 customers, many of whom have come back to us with repeat business.


Turnkey solutions for every need


Our approach is not only derived from a scientific methodology—it’s also based on decades of real-world experience and BFL’s fundamental belief of delivering maximum value for our customers’ money.


Simply put, we believe that coordinated action coupled with on-target results translates into a better product and better service, at the market’s most competitive price.


Our people make the biggest impact on our project management expertise. BFL’s experienced project managers are a tight-knit group of highly creative, extremely motivated, focused professionals. Each project is handled by a cross-functional team of engineers and led by a seasoned project manager. Working together, we handle every single aspect of the project, from the time a project is awarded until we turn over a complete power plant, according to schedule. We recognize that retaining high levels of control across the entire development timeline is paramount to success.


Why we win

In order to deliver what we promise, BFL recruits the right people and provides rigorous training on an ongoing basis. Leveraging our direct experience, our constant technology upgradation through our partner’s in Europe, seminars and workshops held by independent bodies worldwide, we stay abreast of trends and the latest best practices.


Finally, we have adapted the necessary tools, ranging from the latest in project management software, to an ideological flexibility that empowers our project managers make decisions that settle a customer’s difficulties instantly. The sum of these parts is a customer focus, extraordinary project management expertise, and hydropower technology edge that is creating a competitive benchmark.