Energised team to Energise Power Grids

Installing several power plants in some of the world's toughest terrain


The power plant takes its final shape at the job site - a source of great excitement, anticipation and customer anxiety. BFL's team of dedicated erection and commissioning engineers has installed several power plants in some of the world's toughest terrain. This highly skilled team is geared to handle issues that arises at the site, and empowered to take appropriate actions to ensure that the customer does not miss a deadline.


We have successfully completed more than 300 projects incorporating Kaplan, Francis and Pelton turbines in vertical and horizontal configurations.



Reliable Services for E & C and Plant


BFL believes that the reliable performance of the hydro power plant is not only dependent on best of the parameters and methods considered and applied during the designing and manufacturing of the electro - mechanical equipment, but it also largely depends on the various factors considered and applied during the erection & commissioning (E&C) of the electro-mechanical equipment. Hence BFL always values erection and commissioning as one of the key activity during the course of the execution of a hydro power project.


BFL ensures that the following key factors are given top priority for the E&C of projects.



  • Our E & C Experts: BFL possesses a well experienced and dedicated team of E&C engineers to ensure the timely & precise execution of E&C work at various project sites across the globe. BFL offers supervisory or / and turnkey support to the customers for the E&C of the project.
  • Special tools & Measuring instruments: More often, each hydro project is unique in its design and there could always be need for one or more special. A tool or fixture or measuring instrument for the ease of E&C or maintenance. BFL takes utmost care in ensuring that such requirements are met during the project execution.
  • E & C manuals: BFL has developed a standard erection and commissioning manual for each type of turbine set up. These manuals are highly descriptive / in nature giving more clarity and guidelines to the engineers who are relatively new to the E&C of hydro projects. These manuals are also useful to the customer engineers for understanding the E&C procedure during the installation and commissioning activities.
  • E & C protocols: BFL ensures that erection / testing / commissioning of each equipment is carried out during the E&C of the project are subject to meeting the requirements of standard protocols. BFL standard protocols for Erection and Commissioning are based on the following International and National Standards.


- IEC 63132: Guide for installation procedures and tolerances of hydroelectric machines - Parts 1, 2, 3, 4.


- IEEE Std 1095: IEEE Guide for Installation of Vertical Generators and Generator / Motors for Hydroelectric Applications.


- ISO 20816- 5: Mechanical vibration - Measurement and evaluation of machine vibration - Part 5: Machine sets in hydraulic power generating and pump storage plants.



Beyond the boundaries of E & C


Beyond the completion of the project, BFL provides post-commissioning support to ensure that we deliver what we promised. We recognize that enduring relationships are built on best efforts, which BFL continues to put forth even after an engagement is complete


We have an exclusive service team to provide the spares and services, post commissioning.



Training of Customer’s Engineers


Prompt actions in plant maintenance leads to higher profitability thru asset management. An efficient and skilled team of O & M Personnel can deliver this to the Project owner.


BFL E & C experts will provide training to plant operators during the final commissioning and trial run of the Plant.